Stylish Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case (for iPhone/Samsung)

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Tell me if you are not facing these common problems in...

  • Got your hands tied up and you need someone to hold your phone/tablet while you watch vids on YouTube?
  • Hands are dirty from cooking/baking and you need to read the recipe on your phone/tablet? 
  • You want to take a selfie or wefie, but you just can't find that favorite stranger - who doesn't look like a freak?

Get your Stylish Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case (for iPhone/Samsung) today!

  • Specially made and innovated-designed using the latest Nano-Suction technology with high-quality TPU Silicone
  • Sticks (with even feeling sticky) on most flat surfaces (such as Glass, Whiteboards, Glossy/Smooth tiles, Cabinets, Mirrors and even on Computer monitors etc.)
  • Stylish, sleek and grip-friendly design
  • Various sizes for different iOS & Android phone models and color choices
  • Washable, easy-to-clean and durable.
  • Protects your phone from scratches and shocks - just like any conventional phone back-covers (duh!)
  • Doesn’t affect all phone functions, such as GPS, WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth etc.
  • Retains the ergonomics of the phone with easy-press buttons - allowing you to still feel the clicks and also large openings for your headphone/charging ports.

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