Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Stirrer

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Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Stirrer

We all love home-made soups and sauces.

But who wants to stand in front of stove for hours stirring?! And if you happen to step away, you can end up burning your food!

Here’s the Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Stirrer - It does the stirring, so you don’t have to.

The Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Stirrer drops into any pots or pans, and with just a touch of a button, it automatically starts to stir!

With the Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Stirrer, you finally have that “third hand” in the kitchen so that you can get 2 things done at once.

It is being designed to cover each inch of the bottom of the pan. The silicone feet even get up against to edges so nothing sticks - and nothing’s left unstirred.

The base, legs and feet are 100% waterproof even in boiling water. It’s battery-operated and so sturdy that it can stir for hours and withstands high heat.

Now you can finally turn your back on your food and it won’t burn. Great for gravy, soups and stews

Clean up is easy and it is dish-washer safe.


Product Details:

  • Product size: 19 cm x 4 cm (H x W)   
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone, TPE, PP
  • Battery operated

Package Content:

  • 1 x Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Stirrer


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Cordless Hands-Free Sauce Robo Stir

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